Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Technician (PS11)  Technical Certificate of Credit

Campus Locations: Vidalia, Swainsboro

The Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Technician Technical Certification of Credit provides individuals with the opportunity to enter the workforce area that specializes in electrical applications of installing, inspecting, and repairing solar panels in the electrical construction industry.

The standard curriculum for the Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Technician Certificate program is designed for the semester system. Students may enter the program in any semester. The program generally takes two (2) to three (3) semesters to complete. To graduate, students must earn a minimum of 15 credit hours.


  • Submit a completed application;
  • Be at least 16 years of age;
  • Submit official high school/high school equivalent transcripts;
  • Submit official college transcripts, if applicable;
  • Satisfy Placement Testing requirements.

Program Costs

Costs are estimates and are subject to change.

  • Tuition/Fees: $1,931
  • Books/Supplies: $1,500
Curriculum Outline (15 hours)
Occupational Courses (15 hours) 15
ELTR 1060

(Prerequisites: None) Introduces electrical symbols and their use in construction blueprints, electrical schematics, and diagrams. Topics include: electrical symbols, component identification, print reading and scales and measurement.

ELTR 1525

(Prerequisites: None) (Co-requisites: None) This class introduces techniques and method on how to install residential and commercial photovoltaic systems.

IDFC 1007

(Prerequisite: None) (Co-requisite: None) Provides an in-depth study of the health and safety practices required for maintenance of industrial, commercial, and home electrically operated equipment. Topics include: introduction to OSHA regulations; safety tools, equipment, and procedures; and first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

IDFC 1011

(Prerequisite: None) (Co-requisite: None) Introduces direct current (DC) concepts and applications. Topics include: electrical principles and laws; batteries; DC test equipment; series, parallel, and simple combination circuits; and laboratory procedures and safety practices.

ELTR 1020

(Prerequisites: None) (Co-requisite: None)Introduces the theory and application of varying sine wave voltages and current. Topics include: magnetism, AC wave generation, AC test equipment, inductance, capacitance, and basic transformers. A $25 fee is associated with this course due to the increased cost of copper and electrical components.


Industrial Electrical and Maintenance Technician Instructor
Vidalia - Blding A, Office 429/430 & Swainsboro - Blding 6, Office 6102/6103

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