TCSG Guarantee

The Technical College System of Georgia guarantees employers that graduates of State Technical Colleges shall possess skills and knowledge as prescribed by State Curriculum Standards. Should any graduate employee, within two (2) years of graduation, be deemed lacking in said skills, that student shall be retrained in any State Technical College at no charge for instructional costs to either the student or the employer.

Southeastern Technical College Guarantee/ Warranty

To demonstrate confidence in and commitment to quality technical education programs which are relevant, current, and responsive to the stated expectations of Georgia's businesses and industries, the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia will warrant every graduate from a technical certificate of credit, diploma, or associate degree in a state-governed institute according to the following stipulations:

  • The warranty guarantees that the graduate has demonstrated the knowledge and skills and can perform each competency as identified in the industry-validated Standard or Program Guide, and any program graduate who is determined to lack such competence shall be retrained at no cost to the employer or graduate for tuition or instructional fees.
  • A claim against the warranty may be filed by either an employer in conjunction with the graduate or a graduate if the graduate cannot perform one (1) or more of the competencies contained in the industry-validated Standard or Program Guide, including failure to pass a State of Georgia licensing examination.
  • The warranty will remain in effect for two (2) consecutive years following the date of graduation and will be honored by any state-governed technical college which offers the same program.

To inquire or file a claim under this warranty, instructors or employers may contact the:

Vice President of Academic Affairs
(912) 538-3103