Commercial Truck Driving (CT61)  Technical Certificate of Credit

Campus Locations: Vidalia, Swainsboro

The Commercial Driving – Class A Technical Certificate of Credit (CTD) program provides basic training in the principles and skills of commercial truck operation. The program provides training for those individuals seeking a Class A Commercial Driver's License. The program is based on the definition of a truck driver as one who operates a commercial motor vehicle of all different sizes and descriptions on all types of roads. In addition to classroom instruction, students receive commercial truck driving training on-site and on the road. Day classes meet 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Mondays through Thursdays, on both the Swainsboro and Vidalia campuses. Night classes meet from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM and include Saturdays from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM on the Vidalia Campus. The CTD program prepares students for the Georgia Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Skills Exam. The Georgia CDL Skills Exam is available at Southeastern Technical College and is administered by Department of Driver’s Services (DDS) certified examiners under the direction of the Georgia DDS.

The standard curriculum for the CTD program includes three (3) semester courses taught sequentially within the 7½ week course of study. Each course of the sequence must be successfully completed within the designated teaching time frame of the course before moving on to the next course. Students will be withdrawn from remaining courses if successful completion is not acquired on pre-requisite courses. Although the College operates on the semester system, due to the nature of the coursework, the CTD program operates on part of terms and admits new students five (5) times a year. To graduate, students must earn a minimum of nine (9) semester credit hours. Starting and ending dates may be found by contacting Student Affairs, the program instructor, or viewing the course schedule found under Current Students on the college website. The college offers the CTD program during Term A and Term B of the Fall and Spring semesters and during Term A of the Summer semester, giving students 15 opportunities throughout the academic year to take the program.

A Learner’s Permit Class is offered free of charge several times per year for anyone interested in preparing for the Commercial Truck Driving program through Southeastern Technical College. Registration is not required for these tutorial sessions, held at 1400 Harris Industrial Boulevard, Vidalia, GA 30474. Please check the main STC calendar on for dates and contact (912) 538-3138 with questions.


Prospective students must meet the following criteria to be admitted to the college as a candidate for the CTD Program. Students will receive an acceptance letter in the mail when the admission requirements are complete. Students who are accepted to the college are not yet registered for the CTD Program. Due to limited space, not all students who are accepted into the CTD program can be registered.

  • Prospective CTD students must be at least 18 years old.
  • Prospective CTD students must submit an online application to the college.
  • Prospective CTD students must submit a valid Georgia Driver’s License.
  • Prospective CTD students must obtain and submit a valid Class A Commercial Learner’s Permit.
  • Prospective CTD students must provide a seven-year MVR from the Georgia Department of Driver Services and have no more than eight (8) points or three (3) moving violations in the last three (3) years and no DUI in the last seven (7) years.
    • The MVR must be dated approximately 30 days before the start of the term. A specific date will be provided by the college. MVRs obtained before the provided date will not be accepted.
    • For January start dates, the MVR must be dated approximately 45 days before the start of the term. A specific date will be provided by the college. MVRs obtained before the provided date will not be accepted.
    • A non-certified MVR from the DDS or the website will be accepted by the college. The college will not accept the version from the DDS2GO App. Your MVR must show the issue date, driver information, license status, and citation history on the first page. Additional pages of citation history are allowed if necessary. You do not have to send a certified version because you will have to wait on it to be mailed.

HOPE Grant and HOPE Career Grant: This program qualifies for the HOPE Grant and the HOPE Career Grant. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to check your eligibility and begin the process.

Orientation Part A Requirement: Accepted students must complete Orientation Part A to be eligible to register for one of the limited seats in the CTD Program. Not completing the orientation will affect the order a student was placed on the list of potential candidates or the order in which a student is eligible to register. Orientation Part A can be found under the Admissions tab on the college website.

Registration Requirements: Accepted students who complete Orientation Part A will be eligible to register for one of the limited seats in the CTD Program. The CTD Program will use the list provided by admissions to register students.

Once eligible seats are filled for Term A, remaining students may register for one of the limited seats for Term B after submitting a new 7-year MVR that is pulled on or after the provided date. Accepted students who cannot register for Term B, may reapply to the college by submitting a Returning Student Application for the next semester. Admission, Orientation, and Registration requirements must be followed for the next semester to start the process again.

Other Requirements

All students who enter the Commercial Truck Driver training program are subject to all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) as they apply to the professional driver. Failure to comply with these requirements results in withdrawal from the program. Financial repercussions may result.

  • A DOT Physical is required by a specific date after the semester begins. Students may use one of the external college-approved providers or complete it on-campus on the date EZ-DOT is scheduled.
  • The NIDA 5 DOT Drug Screen will be conducted on-campus by EZ-DOT. (Federal Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations Guide)

Obtaining a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

All CDL testing is done under contract with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). CDL testing is administered by DDS-certified third-party examiners under the direction of the Georgia DDS. Each testing location is randomly audited several times each year to ensure compliance. The Georgia CDL Skills Exam is available at Southeastern Technical College.

Training providers must comply with federal requirements. The Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) Final Rule set a federal standard for mandatory training of entry-level Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers.

Southeastern Tech is a Registered Training Provider as of Fall 2021 and is registered at Anyone testing for a CDL license must take training from a registered provider as of February 7, 2022.

Program Costs

Costs are estimates and are subject to change.

  • Tuition (In-State)/College Fees: $1,774
  • Textbook/Logbooks (Bookstore Fee): $67
  • 7-year MVR, Department of Driver’s Services (DDS Fee): $8
  • DOT Physical (EZDOT or Approved Provider Fee – Varies Per Provider): $100
  • NIDA 5 Drug Test (College Fee): $155
  • Class A Commercial Learner’s Permit (DDS Fee): $45
  • Final DDS Class A Commercial Driver’s License Test (College Fee): $100
  • Class A Commercial Driver’s License (DDS Fee): $32
  • Graduation Application Fee (College Fee): $40 (if student participates)
  • Print Certificate Fee (College Fee): $10
  • Approximate In-State TOTAL (without Financial Aid) – All of the Above: $2,331

Additional Fees & CTD Information

Additional Fees & CTD Information – Second Attempt/Same Semester

Additional Fees & CTD Information – Second Attempt/Next Semester

Curriculum Outline (9 hours)
Occupational Courses (9 hours) 9
CTDL 1010

(Prerequisite: None) (Version 202014L) Fundamentals of Commercial Driving introduces students to the transportation industry, federal and state regulations, records and forms, industrial relations, and other non-driving activities. This course provides an emphasis on safety that will continue throughout the program.

CTDL 1021

(Prerequisite: CTDL 1010 – sequential) (Co-requisites: None) This course familiarizes students with truck instruments and controls and performing basic maneuvers required to drive safely in a controlled environment and on the Driving Range. Each student must demonstrate proficiency in performing range operation such as operating a tractor trailer through clearance maneuvers, backing, turning, parallel parking, and coupling/uncoupling.

CTDL 1031

(Prerequisite: CTDL 1010, CTDL 1021 – sequential) (Co-requisites: None) Advanced Operations develops students' driving skills under actual road conditions. The classroom part of the course stresses following safe operating practices. These safe operating practices are integrated into the development of driving skills on the road. Each student must demonstrate proficiency in required behind-the-wheel (BTW) skills such as operating a commercial vehicle safely on public roads through a variety of maneuvers.


Commercial Truck Driving Program Lead Instructor
Truck Driving Training Centers - Vidalia & Swainsboro Campuses


Administrative Assistant, Commercial Truck Driving Program
Vidalia & Swainsboro Campuses


Commercial Truck Driving Administrative Assistant
Truck Driving Training Centers - Vidalia & Swainsboro Campuses

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