Early Childhood Care & Education Basics (EC31)  Technical Certificate of Credit

Campus Locations: Vidalia, Swainsboro

The Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Basic Technical Certificate of Credit includes three (3) basic ECCE courses that are needed for entry-level workers. The program provides an introductory course to the ECCE field, a child growth and development course, and a health, safety, and nutrition course. Graduates have qualifications to be employed in early care and education settings including child care centers, Head Start, and Georgia Pre-K programs. Bright from the Start (BFTS), the regulatory agency in Georgia, requires the basic knowledge included in this TCC for a person to be a lead teacher in a child care center and family day care center. The standard curriculum for the Early Childhood Care and Education Basics Certificate program is designed for the semester system. The certificate generally takes one (1) to (2) semesters to complete. To graduate, students must earn a minimum of nine (9) credit hours.


  • Submit a completed application;
  • Be at least 16 years of age;
  • Submit official high school/high school equivalent transcripts;
  • Submit official college transcripts, if applicable;
  • Satisfy Placement Testing requirements.

Program Costs

Costs are estimates and are subject to change.

  • Tuition/Fees: $1,251
  • Books/Supplies: $445
Curriculum Outline (9 hours)
Occupational Courses (9 hours) 9
ECCE 1101

(Prerequisite: Provisional admission) Introduces concepts relating the responsibilities and procedures involved in a variety of early childhood care situations. Topics include: historical perspectives, professionalism, guidance, developmentally appropriate practices; learning environment (including all children); cultural diversity; and licensing accreditation and credentialing.

ECCE 1103

(Prerequisites: Provisional admission) Introduces the student to the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of the young child (prenatal through 12 years of age). The course provides for competency development in observing, recording, and interpreting growth and development stages in the young child; advancing physical and intellectual competence; supporting social and emotional development; and examining relationships between child development and positive guidance. Topics include developmental characteristics, prenatal through age 12, developmental guidance applications, observing and recording techniques, ages and stages of development, and introduction to children with special needs.

ECCE 1105

(Prerequisites: Provisional admission) Introduces the theory, practices, and requirements for establishing and maintaining a safe, healthy learning environment. Topics include CPR and first aid, health issues, safety issues, child abuse and neglect, and nutritional needs of children.


Early Childhood Care & Education Instructor
Vidalia Campus - Building A, Office 314/316


Early Childhood Care & Education Instructor
Swainsboro Campus - Building 2, Office 2125/2126

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