Diesel Engine Service Technician (DE21)  Technical Certificate of Credit

Campus Locations: Swainsboro

The Diesel Engine Service Technician Certificate program provides the student with training to become an entry-level diesel engine service technician.  The topics covered include diesel shop safety, tools and equipment, diesel electrical/electronic systems, and diesel engines and support systems.

The standard curriculum for the Diesel Engine Service Technician is designed for the semester system and students may enter the program any semester.  A full-time student can complete this program in two (2) semesters.  To graduate, students must earn a minimum of 16 semester credit hours.


  • Submit a completed application;
  • Be at least 16 years of age;
  • Submit official high school/high school equivalent transcripts;
  • Submit official college transcripts, if applicable;
  • Satisfy Placement Testing requirements.

Program Costs

Costs are estimates and are subject to change.

  • Tuition/Fees: $2,410
  • Books/Supplies: $800
Curriculum Outline (16 hours)
Occupational Courses (16 hours) 16
DIET 1000

(Prerequisites: Provisional admission) This course introduces basic knowledge and skills the student must have to succeed in the Diesel Equipment Technology field. Topics include an overview of diesel powered vehicles, diesel technology safety skills, basic tools and equipment, reference materials, measuring instruments, shop operation, mechanical fasteners, welding safety, and basic welding skills. Classroom and lab experiences on safety, precision measuring, and basic shop practices are highly emphasized.

DIET 1010

(Prerequisites: None) This course introduces students to electrical and electronic systems used on medium/heavy duty trucks and heavy equipment. Topics include: general electrical system diagnosis, battery diagnosis and repair, starting system diagnosis and repair, charging system diagnosis and repair, lighting system diagnosis and repair, gauges and warning devices, and an introduction and familiarization with electrical and electronic systems.

DIET 1030

(Prerequisites: None) This course introduces diesel engines used in medium/heavy duty trucks and heavy equipment. Topics include: general engine diagnosis, cylinder head and valve train, engine block, engine lubrication system, hydraulic pumps, engine cooling, air induction, exhaust, fuel supply systems, electronic fuel management, and engine brakes. Using and interpreting test and measuring equipment is highly emphasized.


Diesel Equipment Technology Instructor
Swainsboro Campus - Building 2, Office 2136/2139

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