Maternal-Child Nursing RNSG 1030B

6 Credits
(Prerequisites: Program Admission, RNSG 1018B, RNSG 1019B)(Co-requisites: none)This course provides an integrative, family-centered approach to the care of women, newborns, and children. Emphasis is placed on normal and high-risk pregnancies, normal growth and development, family dynamics, common pediatric disorders and the promotion of healthy behaviors in clients. Management and planning of the nursing process will include concepts from a variety of culturally diverse settings and nursing in the community and acute care setting. The role of the nurse as a provider will include: client-centered care; teamwork and collaboration; evidence-based practice; quality improvement; safety; informatics; professionalism; and leadership. Clinical experiences provide the student an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and implement safe client care to women, newborns, and children in selected settings.
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