Medical-Surgical Nursing II RNSG 2000

4 Credits
(Pre-requisite:  Program Admission, RNSG 1005, RNSG 1018, RNSG 1020, RNSG 1030) (Co-requisite:  RNSG 2005) This course focuses on the care of adult clients with complex, multisystem health alterations that require medical and/or surgical intervention. Emphasis is placed on the care of clients with complex, multisystem alterations within selected body systems and will enhance concepts taught in previous nursing courses. The role of the nurse as a provider will include: client-centered care; teamwork and collaboration; evidence-based practice; quality improvement; safety; informatics; professionalism; and leadership. The clinical experience will provide the student an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and implement safe client care to adults in a variety of healthcare settings.
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