General & Oral Pathology/Pathophysiology DHYG 2050

3 Credits
(Prerequisite: DHYG 1010, DHYG 1020) Introduces pathology as a specialty of dentistry and includes the etiology, pathogenesis, and recognition of various pathological conditions. Emphasis is placed on oral and paraoral pathology and systemic conditions affecting the head and neck. Topics include: terminology and biopsy procedures, inflammation, repair, and regeneration, soft tissue and dental anomalies, pathogenesis of caries and pulpal pathology, cysts and tumors of the head and neck, systemic conditions that affect the oral structures, infectious diseases, diseases of the salivary glands, diseases of bone, blood dyscrasias, vesiculo-erosive and autoimmune diseases, and genetic diseases and syndromes of the head and neck.
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